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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

The PIO School gets a facelift.

Courtesy of JOTUN PAINTS and Volunteers from the Canadian International School, Singapore

A hard days work was put in applying the paints donated to PIO by Jotun Paints of Singapore. The work started early preparing the walls and getting rid of the old paint and when the volunteers had figured out how to get into these industrial size paint cans the work began in earnest. Most of the paint was going on the walls but the voluteers and the children helping them were changing color also, white, Green and Yellow the colors of the PIO school. The redecoration was rapidly taking shape with the hard work of the vounteers and the kids from the school helping alongside.

The look of of pride in the kids eyes was something to behold, this is our school and they were sweating to get the job done.

Phymean Noun, Executive Director of PIO can be seen here with Ingrid Remijn-Giesselink the wife of the man who had arranged the generous donation of paints and materials from JOTUN.

Phymean and the pupils of PIO's thanks go out to JOTUN and all the people who made this possible, '' it means so much to the children to have a nice, clean and colorful place to go to school and I am sure that it will help them study''.

This was another true vision of the spirit of international cooperation, Norway, Canada, Cambodia, England, America and others all working together for the future of the kids at PIO. This could be best seen in the children who didn't need much language to spontaneously begin playing games together, their spirit of cooperation knows no language or cultural boudaries, they are just kids, and kids are the same the world over. 
Everyone, including Phymean was putting their muscle to the task and wanting to get the new look for the school finished so classes could start once again. 
'' The children are so eager to learn and deserve a decent place to start and continue this process which will hopefully lead them to a better future than working on a garbage dump. Education is the way forward for the future of these kids and of Cambodia''. 

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