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Sok Sobi. I enjoy taking pictures of people and places, particular interest in Landscape, People and Travel photography. Pictures and stories that bring Social Awareness and the potential for long term social change or policy are important to me. I use Canon Digital Cameras (EOS 1Ds,1D Mk1,2,4 plus Powershot G11) with a selection of Canon lenses, the 24-105 IS f4L being my favourite at present. I use Lightroom & Photoshop Elements to edit my work. Canon equipment and lenses give me just what I need, reliability and high IQ. I am now living and working in Cambodia, South East Asia, using Phnom Penh as a base to explore the region. I publish stories that are important to me on my blog but always try to give a balanced picture.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

On the street with a new Camera - Canon Power Shot G11

Whenever you get any new bit of kit it takes a while to learn how to get the best from it. On my recent trip to the UK I unfortunately left my little Sony point and shoot behind when I came back to Phnom Penh so I decided to go and find a new one. Off I headed to the camera store on Monivong where I knew that I could probable get a good deal on the camera I wanted. They didn't have it in stock but would get me one the next day. Service is great but the gear is grey.
I had decided that I wanted a Canon Power Shot G11 admittedly not the smallest of point and shoots but according to the reports I have read is definitely up to scratch IQ wise. So the next day I paid my money and took my camera. Spent the afternoon reading the manual and fiddling with the controls, finding my bearings.
The next morning I was out early to give the camera a walk, ended up doing several miles.

I wanted this camera to carry with me when not possible or desirable to hump a DSLR but the question remained, was it suitable for street work and was the IQ as reported in the photography press up to the standard I require. The above image was taken on the move on Kampuchea Kr am Boulevard. I was using a mode in the camera that allows immediate response from the shutter but you have to use the viewfinder rather than the screen, no noticeable shutter lag, which meant no missed shots a major problem with some P & S.

I wanted to try out the quality of the zoom, and get used to using the controls on the camera, the above image was taken at maximum zoom (x5 optical) and although the focus is a little off (my fault) it is perfectly usable for the net.
The cameras ''low profile'' in comparison to my DSLR's seemed to make me less noticeable to people and I was able to get some good shots whilst walking around the Orussai market. People just were not taking much notice of me at all, just another tourist.

My main concern really was the IQ that the camera is able to produce up to the standards I require. I have made my own judgement about this and I will leave you to make your based on the pictures you see here. I know small JPEG's are not the best indicators of IQ but the RAWs this camera produces are very useful.

I continued on my trip around the market spotting images as I went and trying to be as unobtrusive as possible.

I like the images this camera is able to produce and also that I will be able to take it with me at all times and know that I can get quality images. It will not replace my DSLR's but will certainly compliment them.
© Ian Kydd'Miller 2010

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